Notary Services Now Available

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Notary Services Now Available

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I’m pleased to announce that I am now a California Notary Public.  The notary certification process was new to me since I’d never had to go through it before.  You see, in Connecticut, attorneys are automatically able to notarize documents without additional notary training.  I’m not sure how many states are like this, but since Connecticut was the first state in which I practiced law, I thought this was the norm.

In 2010, I moved to and practiced law in New York, where, I discovered, attorneys were not automatically notaries.  I learned the same thing upon being admitted to practice in California in 2012.

My decision to seek a notary certification was primarily to provide an additional service as a courtesy my existing clients — if I were to draw up a power of attorney during the estate planning process, I want to be able to notarize that document as well.

I came to learn that notaries provide additional valuable services to the public, as notary signing agents for loan closings.  As a paralegal and attorney in Connecticut, I participated frequently in real estate closings and loan signings, because Connecticut attorneys customarily conduct closings.  In California, this vital service is frequently performed by notaries.  I am pleased and excited to participate in the loan closing process in California, as I used to in Connecticut.